Check 4 cellphones with the best price of 4 million in 2022, from Vivo V21 to Realme 8 Pro – Today’s technological sophistication provides a lot of variety HP with features that are no less cool with the latest smartphones from top-class well-known brands.

For those who follow technological developments and are happy to buy HP new, maybe many tend to choose HP at a price that is not too expensive, but with specifications that are quite qualified.

Because HP for only four million, it is actually more than enough to support your performance in daily activities.

However, to find out HP Which four million is the best in 2022, here are four recommendations based on Kimovil.

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1. Vivo V21

Although it doesn’t have dual OIS like the previous type, that is Vivo V21 5G, however Vivo V21 was created for those of you who want HP middle class with features that are quite sophisticated, but friendly on the pocket.

It has a 6.44-inch AMOLED display and includes Snapdragon 720G, Vivo The V21 has 8 GB of RAM, with technology in the form of extended RAM, which allows it to use 3 GB of internal memory.

So, the total RAM is 11 GB.

Camera quality Vivo The V21 is still of high quality, especially because of the autofocus on the front camera which is very useful for you who are a vlogger.

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