Cheat, PUBG Mobile Indonesia Banned Pro Player Pro Banned – The shocking news came from Sports PUBG Mobile Indonesia.

Through its official Instagram account, PUBG Mobile Sports prohibits pro Indonesian player Antana. “BFDRewindThe son of all official matches on a permanent basis.

BFDRewind The use of cheat wall hacks in unofficial competitions is permanently prohibited.

Prohibition of BFDRewind on the Instagram account of PUBG Mobile Sports Indonesia

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BFDRewind is one of the pro players of PUBG Mobile Indonesia who are members of the Bonafight Sports team.

Launched by, BFDRewind 2020 has been part of the Bonfight team ever since.

PFD Revind is registered to take part in professional competitions such as BMPL Indonesia 2020.

Then, how is Bonafight’s approach in handling this case? See description on next page.

Bonafide Sports uploaded a video clarifying the matter on அதிகார bonafideesports on its official Instagram account.

In the video, Bonfight Sports claims that BFDRewind is not an official player.

Bonafight Sports representative Iman Toubick revealed that PFD Rewind is only a member of the Bonafight community, not an official player.

Status BFDRewind is a member of the Bonfight community.

BFDRewind uses Bonfight ID when engaging in unofficial PUBG mobile competitions.

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Result PUBG Mobile Indonesia To give a permanent ban BFDRewind PUBG is a form of their commitment to eradicating fraud on mobile phones.

PUBG Mobile Indonesia He also revealed that they will continue to develop rules and tools to combat competition fraud PUBG Mobile Indonesia.

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However, all forms of fraud in sport must be eliminated in order to create an environment of fair competition.

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