Cheap Realme smartphones now also with subscription

Realme will sell its smartphones in the Netherlands through subscriptions.

From one cheap provider after another. We just had news to report on POCO with the M3, this time it is Realme’s turn. Also a maker of cheap phones and also sourced from China. Realme has news to report when it comes to the way they sell smartphones in our country, namely with subscriptions.

Realme has entered into a partnership through Belsimpel. You will soon be able to buy Realme smartphones with a subscription, exclusively through this telecom provider. In the Netherlands, Belsimpel is the first party to offer realme smartphones including a subscription.

The Realme range consists of the 7, 7 Pro, X50 5G, 6S and the C3. Prices vary between approximately 100 euros and 280 euros. To give you an idea in which price segment the Chinese price fighter is active.

In recent years, the range of new brands has grown considerably. Providers not only sell individual devices through their own web shops or electronics stores, but are also increasingly approaching telecom companies. For example, it is increasingly common that you notice brands like OPPO, Xiaomi and now also sees Realme in the available range of smartphones in combination with a subscription. In the case of Realme, this is therefore exclusively via Belsimpel for the time being.

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