Cheap and cheerful, Oppo A16 with advanced specs for sale at a price below 2 million rupiah – Oppo is one of the leading electronics companies in Indonesia.

Famous cheap but has quality specs make HP Oppo’s output is much sought after by the public.

One of HP Oppo’s output circulating in the Indonesian market is the Oppo A16.

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Oppo A16 can be a good choice for users who want to have HP sophisticated at an affordable price.

Although the price is affordable, the specs of the Oppo A16 are not inferior to HP expensive.

Reported by from Oppo Indonesia, following specification complete from Oppo A16.

1. Design and Screen

The Oppo A16 has a shiny, stylish 3D thin design and weighs just 190 grams and a thickness of 8.4 mm.

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