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▲ Cao Xingcheng was interviewed by the radio show. (Photo / Extract from the official channel of POP Radio Network Network YT)

Cao Xingcheng, the previous president of the UMC, donated NT $ 3 billion to aid Taiwan strengthen its national defense. A few days back he also confirmed his id card to demonstrate his return to the nationality of the Republic of China. Chameleon ” in this regard, Cao Xingcheng stressed in the method:” I have never been a unification faction “, and also mentioned:” I do not want reunification, of course it is Taiwan independence “, and shouted to the faction of unification: “I agree with China, I agree with the Communist Party, be sure to go again to the wonderful motherland”, do not keep in Taiwan to bring about complications.

Cao Xingcheng explained that the essence of the CCP is not concentrated on truth, goodness, magnificence, hatred and class struggle. Moreover, the two sides of the strait are extremely unique in culture and “we are a great deal far more civilized than he is.” How can Taiwan match in? Wool cloth?

Cai Shiping, a media veteran and host, mentioned Cao Xingcheng at the time proposed holding a “referendum on reunification”. Cao Xingcheng mentioned: “I am pulling out Wutong’s toxic tooth, not that I am in favor of reunification. This is a major misunderstanding.” He described, China would like to reunify, even using power, but certainly the Taiwanese never want to reunite, so what must we do in the encounter of power, “That pet dog will bite individuals, set a cage on its mouth, if you want reunification, not clearly show your tooth, do not chunk. “

When chatting about the “1992 consensus”, Cao Xingcheng criticized, how could a China be distinctive, saying that “a single China” suggests that the Han and the thieves are in conflict, “If you really don’t, one will die, if you converse of one China, the other will die. Then whoever dies, it need to be Taiwan, is a suicide. “

In response to the dissimilarities in Taiwanese society’s sights on reunification and independence, Cao Xingcheng stated: “Now you must establish with China, you should discover with the Communist Party, remember to go again, for the reason that you are creating difficulty in Taiwan, go back again. , go back again, you are a terrific homeland! ” Now you live in Taiwan to protect this land and our way of everyday living.

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