Chateau Meiland viewers scream for Japanese toilet: ‘Strike against the anus’

Martien has had a real Japanese toilet installed in his new home in Noordwijk. What makes a Japanese toilet different from a toilet we are used to? There is a spray function to rinse the derrière clean. And even a function to dry the buttocks afterwards. “A kind of hair dryer”, says Martien.

However, it turns out that Martien does not dare to use the super deluxe functions at all, contrary to Erica. Maxime also indicates that he does not dare to try it yet: the sprinkler on the derrière.

For the viewers it is in any case delicious again, the conversation about the Japanese toilet. “Martien doesn’t want anything against the anus,” someone wrote on Twitter. Another: ‘Nice, such a sprinkler for your ass.’

In Chateau Meiland we see how the family moves into a villa in Noordwijk. But the villa is now up for sale again. Why? Erica explains this to you in the video below.

Chateau Meiland see you every Monday and Thursday at 20:30 on SBS6. You watch the episodes here back.


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