Chartres’ pink strides 2020: a look back at the last day in pictures

“If I had been told that the Pink Strides would take place a few months ago, I would not have believed it”. It is with these words that Sylvie Pelletier, Covid referent and volunteer for Les Foulées roses, organized by LRepublican Echo, concluded his speech of thanks at the end of the 6th edition, this Sunday.

Chartres’ pink strides 2020: a look back at the first day in pictures

A special edition because of the health context, which nevertheless brought together 2,402 participants throughout the weekend. Sylvie Pelletier emphasizes:

“The results of these two days are very positive. There was no incident. This year, the sporting side has taken a back seat, to refocus on the cause. We have won our bet “

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Participants won over by the march

Staggered departures, mandatory walking and wearing a mask, these Pink Foulées 2020, which was nothing unusual, were able to see the light of day after many efforts. “I would like to thank the participants, the volunteers of ASPTT Chartres and Onco 28, the partners, the prefecture of Eure-et-Loir and the City of Chartres, who were facilitators in the organization of the event. ‘event ”, underlined Sébastien Besse, editor-in-chief of The Republican Echo.

For the participants too, this year marked a turning point in the short history of Les Foulées roses. Cécile, walker, recognizes:

“We were not cooled by the sanitary protocol. People have been responsible. In terms of mandatory walking, it allowed a different audience to come. More family-friendly. A lot of participants found it nicer to walk the course. “

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Jéraud Mouchet


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