Chartres must go around the gas against Besançon

After two months of intense competition, the fifteen days of respite were not too much for the Chartres troop which, nevertheless, was on a good dynamic. Remaining on five successes in the league, with in this interval an elimination in the Coupe de France in Limoges (101-62), the CCBM will have to go around for the three matches that remain before the truce of the confectioners (December 18-January 11) .

Steven Green still in the stands?

“These two weeks have allowed some to breathe and those who had minor ailments to recover. In part, because the Christmas truce will allow them to recover almost completely ”, breathed yesterday the coach Sébastien Lambert who will therefore recover the rear Paul Bouloukouet (Achilles tendon) and his ex-“ medical freelance ”Samir Mekdad. Ex, since the latter, who had contracted in Limoges on November 16, is now an integral part of the CCBM workforce, until the end of the season. A reinforcement that will not be too much to stay in the Top 5, the club’s priority objective.

Chartres remains on a success against Avignon

Absent from the last match and the victory against Avignon (94-87), will the American Steven Green be relegated once again to the stand? Will the Ucles-Sencanski pair, which had worked well against the Vauclusiens, be renewed? Answer this Saturday.

Chartres (halle Jean-Cochet), Saturday 4 December, at 8:30 p.m.
Chartres :
Siegwarth, Mekdad, Bouloukouet, Thalien, Doumbia, Békoulé-Ekambi, Green (US) or Sencanski (SER), Bernaoui, Ucles (ESP), Mukuna, Clerence.
Besançon: Redikas (LIT), Vitale-Boiteux, Foucault, Huger, Mareschal, N. Knezevic, Valayer, First name, Laporal, Tonji.

Jean-André Provost



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