Chartres and Lucé: he would have filmed under the skirts of store customers

A customer entered the Carrefour de Chartres shopping center on Tuesday, May 26, 2020, pulling a shopping bag. Security guards, in charge of video surveillance, immediately followed him. Very quickly, they were intrigued by his behavior.

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He used the aisles of different departments without ever getting his supplies. The guards realized that he was approaching very close to clients wearing short dresses or skirts.

A hole in the shopping bag

They arrested him and discovered a small hole in the top of the bag and a telephone just below. The man reportedly said it was legal.

The Chartres legal support group placed the suspect in police custody. Two clients, 30s, warned by the security agents, immediately complained.

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Exploitation of the suspect’s mobile phone revealed that he also allegedly filmed customers without their knowledge in the Géant shopping center in Lucé. And other questionable videos have been watched by investigators.

34-year-old father

The rest of the investigations were entrusted to the police officers of the departmental security who searched his workplace and his home in Lucé. The various computers seized are in use by a police expert.

The suspect, a 34-year-old father, was brought before the Chartres court on Wednesday 27 May.

Chartres sexual assailant on bike for five years

The public prosecutor, Rémi Coutin, indicated, Friday May 29, about the Lucéen: “He is the subject of a summons by report with placement under judicial control for a correctional hearing on August 17. He is subject to an obligation of psychiatric care and is prohibited from going to the Lucé and Chartres shopping centers. “

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His criminal record mentions two mentions, including a concealment case.

Thierry Delaunay

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