Chartres and Beauce, a gastronomy marked by history

For this “gourmet stage”, Nathalie Helal takes us to Chartres and Beauce.

Pretty it is a very fertile agricultural region, which extends over 600,000 hectares. This vast plain, located southwest of Paris, looks like the granary of France. Its immense horizons, covered with wheat, but also with rye, barley, corn and other cereals, make the Beauce a region of knowledge and gastronomic traditions often neglected.

Located at the gates of Paris and the castles of the Loire, Chartres enjoys international fame, thanks to its cathedral, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. His kitchen consists of ancient specialties, all linked to historical events, from the Middle Ages to the Belle Epoque through the Renaissance.

From pâté de Chartres to Beauce’s shortbreads, through chicken in the pot and cochelin, The Gourmet Stage tells you the story of these famous specialties that will make your mouth water!

For this food tour of Chartres and Beauce, Nathalie Helal is accompanied by Anne Cheveehistorian and lecturer, who lives in Chartres, from Bertrand Jalleratowner of the hotel-restaurant The Great Monarch in Chartres, e Benjamin Pelletierfarmer-miller-baker at the Ferme d’Orvilliersin Eure-et-Loir.

Nathalie Helal and her guests, Benjamin Pelletier, Anne Chevée and Bertrand Jallerat, present us the specialties of Chartres and Beauce © Radio France
Benjamin Pelletier’s organic, naturally leavened bread and, on the right, the Chartres paté from the “Grand Monarque” © Radio France

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