Charlotte Le Bon: the former Miss Weather puts New York at her feet

Before, Charlotte Le Bon told us about rain and shine on Canal +. Today, the young woman from Canada gives the answer to the iconic English actress Helen Mirren in a film produced by Steven Spielberg. To top it off, it is now in New York, more precisely at the Ziegfeld Theater, that she poses for the premiere of the film “The Recipes of Happiness” which took place last night.

Young debutante in the midst of the other stars made in the USA present that evening, such as the famous Oprah Winfrey, Charlotte Le Bon is betting everything on her outfit to get out of the game. With a sense of style forged on the benches of the most major Parisian parades, the former Miss Weather gives us a perfectly tailored look. She thus strikes a pose in a little white Elie Saab lace dress that is both summery and chic with flowing sleeves and above all a play of transparency titillating the imagination. Although she is equipped with a pair of top model legs, the actress chooses that evening a length of the wisest but does not forget to sublimate her line by taking height on a pair of white sandals for a white spirit look.

If the total white look is still a rather difficult style to adopt, Charlotte made the right choice since it highlights her mane which she wears slightly curled for the occasion. The even complexion, the look sublimated with a touch of mascara and the lips edged with a pearly pink, the beautiful Canadian charms New York. It is not his partner on the screen, Manish Dayal, who will say the opposite since the alchemy seems to be at the rendezvous between the two young actors on the red carpet.

Lasse Hallstr├Âm’s “Recipes for Happiness” is due in France on September 10, 2014.


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