Charlotte Gottová has competition. Daughter Dara Rollins also shone on stage

The Czechia has another future superstar. Dara Rollins also sang with her 14-year-old daughter Laura at a spectacular concert in the O2 arena. Charlotte Gottová should be careful, she has a lot of competition this weekend.

Dara Rollins’ birthday concert also brought touching moments. One of them was a joint performance with daughter Laura. She came on stage at the very end, singing in front of an audience for the first time in her life.

The singer is quite proud of her. “Thank you. I still haven’t recovered from all this. I keep replaying the best moments of the evening in my head. There were so many. And this is one of the essential ones, my Lola with me on stage for the first time,” she wrote on Instagram.

And according to the feedback, nothing prevents Laura from following in her mother’s footsteps. In addition to her charm, she inherited her singing talent and her strong point is dancing.

Many fans compare her to the late Karl Gott’s 16-year-old daughter Charlotte. Last summer, Dara sang at a memorial show with her.

Dara had a dramatic night. Nedvěd had to intervene with his fists (12/2022):

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