Charlotte Gainsbourg on a mysterious trip to New York

Crdits photo : Capture d’cran YouTube

Charlotte Gainsbourg still shines as much! Eight months after its release, the singer continues to exploit the sublime “Rest”, album crossed by the specters of her father Serge and her sister Kate. While restrained, Charlotte unveiled eleven perfect songs, both poignant and powerful, like “Lying With You” or “Deadly Valentine”, produced by SebastiAn. For the release of the disc, last November, the singer had published no less than seven clips, each time passing behind the camera. After making my first video for “Rest”, I was uninhibited enough to start directing other clips on the album. With, for each song, a different vision, a different language, my personal stories to express she confided at the time. A bluffing result which allowed the album to be quickly certified gold, for more than 50,000 copies sold, at the same time as an award for the best female artist at the Victoires de la Musique.

Mystery and … mirror ball

Today, Charlotte Gainsbourg is betting on “Sylvia Says”, the most dancing and funky track of her album. A tribute empty the buddy Sylvia Plath whose singer is a great admirer. She even uses the lines from her “Mad Girl’s Love Song”: I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead / Sylvia says / I lift my lids and all is born again / Sylvia says . Successful effect! After two weeks of exclusivity on Apple Music, the clip finally made its appearance on YouTube: from the start, we see the singer walking around in an open-air dump before ending up in New York’s Chinatown. In a store then a pedestrian passage, Charlotte Gainsbourg witnesses strange events when people faint when they see her. Is the singer from another plant or can she control people’s minds? Mystery!

Still, the performer of “Ring-A-Ring O ‘Roses” also ends up fainting before being awakened by passers-by. These sudden vanities seem to be connected to mysterious mirror balls present throughout the clip. According to the press release visible reality recedes and this clip explores the wild, more unconscious experience of those lives we see every day take to the streets by storm. . This new clip “Sylvia Says” once again sublimates a record brilliantly defended in the intimacy of the Caf de la Danse or the immensity of We Love Green and soon in the park of St-Cloud for Rock en Seine.

Watch the music video for “Sylvia Says” by Charlotte Gainsbourg:



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