Charlotte Caniggia took nude and serum photos to pay for her admission to the exchange: “Don’t hesitate to come”

Charlotte Caniggia was rushed by a guard for a blow to the hand and ended up trading in a clinic.

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The influencer suspended an interview which he had accepted due to an injury and then went viral on the networks a series of photos of Charlotte Caniggia naked on a stretcher with the serum attached.

Carlotta yesterday he canceled a note in Miter with Juan Etchegoyen to talk about their separation.

Caniggia justified the sit-in in the interview with an audio in which he clarified that it was turgently transferred to a guard.

The influencer acknowledged in the message who went to the sanatorium because he was suffers a lot.


Charlotte said from WhatsApp “Hi Juan, how are you, I want to tell you that I will not be able to take notes. I slammed my fucking hand and I go to the guard because it hurts a lot. “

“I will be able to do the interview another day but not today”, closed his message Caniggia.

influence it shared on his Instagram account an exchange with a Belgrano clinic.

Charlotte took two nude photos with the serum attached on a stretcher covered with sheets chest.

Charlotte Caniggia took nude photos with serum on a stretcher for an exchange for her hospitalization / Instagram Photo

Caniggia posing next to a doctor in the pictures, in which she is seen smiling in the middle of the hospitalization without ever losing her sunglasses.

The influencer wrote alongside the nude photos that “if you want privacy and trust, do not hesitate to come to the clinic deprived of Dr. Robles “

“It has 2 its own operating rooms, private rooms and everything we like when we want to look divine,” he concludes Carlotta’s post.

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