“Charlotte Adigéry’s Stunning Performance After Father’s Alzheimer’s Scare”

Dressed in a green catsuit with a kind of white bathing suit over it, a voice to say to you and a stage animal pur sang. Anyone who saw Carlotte Adigéry at work on CORE on Saturday evening could not suspect that her day was anything but pleasant. For a long time it was not certain that the girl from Ghent would perform: her dad, who has Alzheimer’s, went missing earlier in the day. After a few hours, the man was – luckily – found alive and well. The artist also wanted to share this joyful news with her fans. “I had an amazing day today,” said Charlotte. “My father has Alzheimer’s and he lives in a retirement home. And he had decided: ‘I’m not participating today, I’m going for a walk. In fact, my dad has to stay indoors, but he escaped from the residential care center.”

“I was on my way here when I got a phone call: ‘Dad is gone’. Panic, and I didn’t know if we could still play,” she continues. “I then made a post on Instagram, and people started sharing it en masse. But more importantly, people just turned up on the street and started looking. And we found him! We are now going to celebrate that: with music, beautiful people and top friends.”

2023-05-27 21:29:04
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