Charlene of Monaco withdraws from public life: precarious conditions

Charlene of Monaco he retires from public life and will not participate in the Monte Carlo national holiday. With an official statement the Palace has made it known that for the moment the Princess is unable to sustain Court commitments due to her still precarious health conditions.

Charlene of Monaco waives the National Day

Charlene of Monaco therefore he will not be present at the celebrations of November 19th, the most important appointment for the Principality. His health conditions do not allow him. And this is why it did not accompany Alberto on his trip to Dubai November 13 and 14.

Charlene of Monaco, poor health conditions

In the Palazzo document, published in the official Facebook page, we read: “Their Serene Highnesses have decided by mutual agreement that it is necessary a period of calm and rest to allow Princess Charlene to fully recover. The treatments of the last month have been very tiring ”. For this reason, the Princess who is very much “Tried and tired” she will need a few weeks of peace of mind to recover from the serious infection she has been battling against since last May and which blocked her for months in South Africa, where she was when she fell ill.

Charlene of Monaco, top secret the place of convalescence

The press release states that: “To ensure the absolute tranquility necessary to improve her state of health, the place where the Princess will spend her convalescence will remain strictly confidential“.

A phrase that responds to the indiscretions circulated by the sister-in-law of the Princes, Chantell Wittstock, according to which Charlene would have moved alone to an apartment not far from the Palace. So if the Princess and Alberto still live separately it is for health reasons only, at least this is the official version.

Then the announcement of the renunciation of the National Day: “Given the situation, unfortunately this year Princess Charlene will not participate in the National Day next to her family. As soon as his health conditions allow him, he will be happy to attend convivial events with the Monegasques ”.

Charlene of Monaco, request for respect

Finally, the Palazzo launches an appeal to avoid rumors and rumors about their marital situation, as had happened in recent months, when the forced distance between Alberto and Charlene had fueled gossip about their imminent divorce. “During this transition period, the Princes demand respect for their private life and family situation.”

Charlene of Monaco, the medical bulletins

The Palace takes on the task of updating the subjects on the Charlene’s health condition: “The information on the recovery of the health of the Princess will be communicated in the coming weeks and before the Christmas holidays”.

Press release Monaco Charlene Palace of Monaco Facebook

Official statement on the conditions of Charlene of Monaco, published on Facebook



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