Charlene of Monaco does not return: relationship with the Zulu King

Charlene of Monaco has established a particular relationship with the King of the Zulu, offering herself as a mediator in a complicated feud for the succession to the throne. While Alberto insists on coming home as soon as possible.

The rumors about an alleged crisis between Albert and Charlene of Monaco, separated since last May, officially due to the precarious health conditions of the Princess, blocked for months in South Africa, do not subside.

Charlene operated on for the third time

Undoubtedly Charlene of Monaco she is having a very difficult time as a result of a serious infection that has affected her ears, throat and nose. The photos published recently portray her very thin and tried, although he hasn’t lost his smile.

On Friday 8 October the Princess was subjected to a third surgery under general anesthesia. The official statement spoke of the latest operation, a clarification that has increased the hopes of his return to Montecarlo soon.

Albert of Monaco: “Charlene is coming back”

Her husband Albert of Monaco intervened to that effect, stating that the return home of his wife is now imminent after months of absence in which the Prince has had to bear the Court commitments alone (even if at times alongside Sharon Stone) and look after the twins, Jacques and Gabriella, for whom he can still count on the help of the family, including that of Charlotte Casiraghi who has seen herself very loving with her little cousins.

Charlene denies Alberto

In any case, despite Alberto insists that Charlene return home by his side, also to silence the gossip about an imminent divorce, the Princess seems to have no intention of getting on a plane with destination Montecarlo.

Months ago, a friend of hers confessed to a German magazine that the former swimmer was looking for a house on her own in South Africa. And now this indiscretion seems to be confirmed in the fact that Charlene has offered to help the king of the Zulu, Misuzulu, in the family feud that broke out after the death of her father Goodwill Zwelithini last May and whose funeral the Princess herself had taken part in.

The special bond between Charlene and Misuzulu

Charlene is very attached to Misuzulu, so much so that the first public event which he has participated in since being in South Africa he has been right next to the new King. In the photo shared on Instagram Charlene is defined as the European Royal closest to the African people.

Therefore, Alberto’s wife appears to have offered her services to Misuzulu. A spokesperson for the Princess told South African magazine You that she is acting like “unofficial broker“. “She is not a formal mediator, she is simply willing to help. He believes he can make a difference in a complicated family matter under the guidance of spiritual leaders ”.

Charlene has reportedly spoken privately with the Zulu Royal Family, though it is not yet known if they accepted her offer.

The story is very complicated, there is talk of poisoning, a false will and rival families competing for power. Charlene thinks she is useful in restoring unity, but the work she has taken on is long and delicate.

The imminent divorce

Therefore, it is unlikely that she will return to Monaco anytime soon, despite the insistence of her husband Alberto whose appeal seems to remain completely unheard by his wife. And this further complicates things between them and feeds the usual gossips still convinced that soon the two will divorce.

Charlene di Monaco is in heaven

Charlene of Monaco with King Misuzulu on Instagram



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