Charlene Choi has been dating boyfriend of 5 years and is in a stable relationship and BB tries her best (12:59) – 20221206 – SHOWBIZ

Charlene Choi (A Sa) last night (5a) appeared alone in the video “Awarded Men”, but did not see her good sister Chung Xintong (A Gillian). On Christmas and New Year, she said, “Now the quarantine only needs to be 5 days plus 3. So fast, I will go back to Hong Kong in January next year to celebrate the Lunar New Year.”

Ah Sa travels north frequently for work in recent years. Even though she is separated from her estranged boyfriend Shi Hengcong (Anthony), it is not difficult to maintain the relationship. He smiled softly, “He came to see me once, (Honey) OK! (Is there any) Boyfriend complaint?) No, we have been together for 5 years, we must have private space, he must work, watch the World Cup , I come back on and off, when he knew me, he knew my work style is like that.”

The Twins’ 20th anniversary concert was canceled due to the epidemic. Ah Sa had hoped to resume the 22nd anniversary next year, but the company’s decision had to be made. Manager Mani Huo was also busy with Joey Yung’s US tour.

Ah Sa pointed out that due to the uncoordinated schedule, she was unable to enjoy Joey’s American performance and Hins Cheung’s Christmas concert in Hong Kong. However, in early October, when the exchange rate of the yen was low, he took his mother to Japan. she said with a smile, “Go over there to buy. Things are good, but walking on the street for two days makes me want to die. I can’t do much. I feel that my physical strength has diminished.” she gets to give birth to a baby, it takes her more energy and someone suggested that she have a baby while she is young. She said, “I know, I’ll think about it and do my best.”

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