Charges for electoral fraud in Kelsterbach

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According to the Darmstadt public prosecutor’s office, two men and one woman manipulated postal voting documents in the 2016 municipal election in Kelsterbach.

The 2016 municipal election in Kelsterbach will have legal consequences for the district court of Rüsselsheim: After extensive investigations in the past four years, the Darmstadt public prosecutor’s office has charged two men and a woman from Kelsterbach with suspicion of forgery and document falsification. The public prosecutor accuses them of having falsified postal voting documents.

Official spokesman for the Attorney General Robert Hartmann said at the request of the FR that the accused were a 58-year-old, a 44-year-old and a 59-year-old.

The spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office did not provide any further information, for example on the first name or the first letter of the last name, “for reasons of data protection”. Because, according to Hartmann, one of the accused persons has put himself to the vote, there is a risk that this could be identified.

Already on election day four years ago, a voter from Kelsterbach suspected that the voting was wrong. When the woman tried to cast her vote in a polling station, she was refused on the grounds that, according to the electoral roll, she and her husband had already cast their votes by postal vote, which was not the case. The woman then asked to be shown the postal ballot and found that it had been given her name, but that her signature had obviously been forged.

According to information from the public prosecutor’s office, which, according to Chief Prosecutor Hartmann, viewed all Kelsterbach’s absentee voting documents, the three suspects are supposed to have requested the absentee voting documents in eight cases and then filled out and handed in the ballot papers.

In autumn 2017, the public prosecutor’s office announced that it had come to the conclusion that the same system had been followed in more than 30 cases. This suspicion has not been substantiated in the further course of the investigation, said Hartmann.

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