Charged in prison for life, Bentjok: I am a victim of a conspiracy!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The defendant of a criminal offense at PT Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero), Benny Tjokrosaputro, delivered a plea at the follow-up trial which was held at the Central Jakarta District Court, Thursday (22/10/2020) night.

In his defense note, Bentjok said, the life sentence imposed on him was an injustice.

Because, according to him, in the testimonies of the witnesses at the trial also evidence could not prove that he was the person who regulated or controlled Jiwasraya’s investments in both mutual funds and stocks.

“I am just a businessman who has always tried to keep my company running and able to support thousands of my employees and their families all this time, and to help the national economy,” he said.

“That the charges and charges against me constitute a conspiracy to ensnare me as the perpetrator of a criminal act of corruption that occurred at PT AJS. In other words, I am a victim of a conspiracy from certain parties who are actually responsible for this state loss,” he continued.

As he emphasized again, the conspiracy was carried out with certain scenarios by people who used power in the name of the law.

“To seize my assets to cover up the rotten deeds of other people, which are said to have caused state financial losses of Rp 16.8 trillion,” he said.

In his personal plea, he also mentioned the name Bakrie Group.

“My position in relation to PT. Jiwasraya Insurance is similar to the position of the Bakrie Group, similar but not the same. The difference is that I made a loan from PT. Asuransi Jiwasraya at the end of 2015 and then I paid it all in 2016, while the Bakrie Group made a REPO Agreement before 2008 with a value of trillions of rupiah and until now it is still in the portfolio of PT. AJS and even then REPO was again carried out to PT. AJS and until now it has not been redeemed, “he added.

As is well known, the public prosecutor is demanding life imprisonment and a fine of Rp. 5 billion, a subsidiary for 1 year in prison and Rp. 6.07 trillion in compensation.

In the trial last week Thursday (15/10/2020), the public prosecutor stated that Bentjok was legally and convincingly proven guilty of committing a criminal act of corruption together.

This is in accordance with Article 2 Paragraph 1 in conjunction with Article 18 paragraph (1) letter b, paragraph (2) and paragraph (3) of Law Number 31 Year 1999 concerning Eradication of Corruption Crimes, as amended by Law Number 20 Year 2001 concerning amendments to Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning Eradication of Corruption Crime, in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph (1) 1st of the Criminal Code and Article 3 of Law Number 8 of 2010 concerning Prevention of Money Laundering (TPPU).

“If the defendant does not pay replacement money within 1 month after the court’s decision, the prosecutor will confiscate the property and willingly become the replacement money,” said the prosecutor in reading the charges on Thursday (15/10/2020).

“If the convict is found guilty and sentenced in addition to life or death, and the convict does not have sufficient property to pay then he will be replaced by imprisonment for 10 years.”

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