Characters singled out by Anton Sehnaoui due to fear

“Lebanese Debate”

After it was proven that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Societe Generale Bank, Anton Sehnaoui, was involved in several financial cases inside and outside Lebanon, Sehnaoui resorted to several means to fight his opponents who contributed to revealing his crimes, especially the financial ones.

Sehnaoui seeks to tarnish the image of his opponents and undermine their credibility outside Lebanon, specifically in Europe, through media sites he owns and others he finances.

By examining what these sites publish, it becomes clear the volume of articles targeting the Public Prosecutor of Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, the owner of the “Third Lebanon Republic” initiative, Omar Harfouche, French Senator Natalie Goulet, and the founder of the non-governmental “Sherpa” association, lawyer William Bourdon.

Those people who are targeted by Antoine Sehnaoui have exposed several files related to his financial activity, and for this reason, Sehnaoui wants to damage their reputation and hinder their activity in the field of anti-corruption.

In addition, Sehnaoui is trying to publish paid articles in other foreign media outlets with the aim of insulting the aforementioned personalities, but he has not succeeded.

This was proven by an article that was sent to a journalist in Paris, and after it was refused to be published, it was sent to another media outlet.

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