Characteristics of Monkeypox or Monkey Pox, Can Heal By itself after the Incubation Period is Complete

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The following is an explanation of the characteristics of the disease monkeypox or monkey pox.

Is known, monkeypox or monkey pox can be transmitted from animal to animal and from animal to human.

Spokesman Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) RI, Mohammad Syahril, explained the characteristics of the disease monkeypox or monkey pox.

“From animals to humans the transmission is through direct contact between animals and humans,” he said at a virtual press conference in Jakarta, Friday (6/24/2022), quoted from

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Transmission from animals to humans through body fluids, especially body parts that have smallpox such as around the face or body of animals.

In addition, transmission to humans can be through the meat of the animal that is not cooked properly.

While transmission from human to human can be through the air, body fluids or smallpox on the face, mouth, hands or on the body.

If you make direct contact there is also through the respiratory tract or droplets occur.

“This can also be a source of transmission and there is also transmission from mother to baby through transmission or the placenta,” said Syahril.

Incubation period monkeypox 5 to 13 days or 5 to 21 days.

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