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Channel 7HD is full of hottest actors and popular broadcasters. Serve happiness, give a special calendar, free gift for New Year 2021!

channel 7HD Happy new year 2564 Raise an army of famous actors And leading broadcasters included 100 Come together to deliver a special gift, give away beautiful calendars from the heart to the fans of Channel 7HD Led by Aom Akkaphan, Mick Thongraya, Big M Krittarit, Mukdanarinrak, Dark Huasvi, Boom Kitn Kong, Sour Tassaneeya, Louis Hess, Thisa Waritthisa, Tubtim Anyarin, Phra Pie Ramida, Koh Wasin, Hana Levis, Papada Butter, Pupae Ketsarin, Pink Ploy Paphawadee, Chinn Chinnana, Donut Pattaraphon, Sunday Bank Along with many other actors And broadcasters such as Sorn Sawan Phu Wijit, Copper prosperity, Premsuda Santiwattana, Krisda Nuanmee, Serene Wong Amphai, Jiranan Khetphong, Eligibility criteria, Kamras Iad Srichai, Phanurat Sonibut Etc.

By an army of actors and broadcasters Ready to give away a new year calendar 2564 Starting on the first Friday 18 P.C. this time 09.30 A. At the channel 7HD Meet with Dark Huasvi, Donut Pattaraphon, Maggie Arpa, Boss Chonkan, Jammy Panichada, Praew Chermawee and Oat State Thee Along with an anchor led by Premsuda, gable apex, Serene, Naphatsakorn, Kamlas, Chai-Anan andNicharee And in time 16.00 N.m. meet with Ching Ching Christtha, PP Patchaya, Bom Phongsakorn, FIFA Prem Anan and Kan Natcha With news anchor Phanurat, Serene, Pin Pinat and Sukhon diamond that class G The Mall Bangkapi Branch

Saturday 19 Dec time 16.00 N.m. meet with Papada Butter and Beworapon at Central Festival Hat Yai

forSunday 20 Dec time 16.00PM fans can receive a free New Year calendar up to 2 Where near the point, stop to that point, meet Sunday Bank, Pink Ploy Paphawadee, Quickie, Onnasorn and Grace Bussarin With famous announcer Support, Sirikun and Phanurat that courtyardTerrace class 1 Imperial World Samrong And meet with Mick Thongraya, Sour Tassaneeya, Ben Santirat, Thanakorn node, Jenny Shjisara, Mei Mei Thanyawee And announcer Krisada that Floor fountain courtyard 2 Central Plaza Westgate

In addition, beautiful calendars are also presented to allow fans to be close to many of their favorite performers such as Central World Shopping Center Spell Shopping Center Terminal Shopping Mall 21 Korat, The Mall, Bang Khae, Central Plaza Mahachai, can follow news updates Date-Time-Place details New year calendar distribution 2564 Deliver this happiness once again through the channel screen. 7HD press 35 And on social Facebook, IG, Twitter : Ch7HD And website www.ch7.com

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