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Changes from April 7 SEB bank on the board – SEB bank Maris Larionovs, Head of the Lending Department, will join the Bank’s Management Board and take responsibility for AML and compliance. Kārlis Danēvičs, a member of the Board responsible for this area, will continue to lead the area of ​​credit and risk control, the bank informs.

The new composition of the Executive Board has been approved by the European Central Bank and the SEB bank Council.

Maris Larionov works SEB bank for more than 27 years and has held various senior positions in both lending and servicing units of the bank’s individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises. For the last 9 years, while leading the Lending Department, M. Larionov has promoted purposeful and continuous SEB bank loan portfolio growth and has accumulated rich customer evaluation experience.

M.Larionovs holds a professional master’s degree in economics from the University of Latvia, has also completed the senior management professional education program at the Wallenberg Institute and the Swedish Leadership Development Program Art of Execution. Since 2014, he has been a JSC Credit Information Bureau member of the supervisory board.

Kārlis Danēvičs SEB bank has been working for more than 17 years and has successfully managed various fields and structural units, elected to the Board in 2014. For the past two years, he has been a member of the board responsible for AML and operational compliance and has implemented ambitious change processes to ensure operational excellence in these areas. From 2017 to 2019, K.Danēvičs was the responsible member of the Board in the field of credit and risk control – following his call and interest, in the future these areas will be under his supervision again.

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K.Danēvičs holds a Master’s degree (MBA) in Business Administration and Finance at the Riga Business School, studied finance at the School of Banking and Economic Policy at the University of Latvia. He has also studied the senior management professional education program at the Wallenberg Institute. K.Danēvičs is also active in various organizations – he is the co-chairman of the Credit Committee of the Financial Industry Association, a member of the board of the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance and the chairman of the council of the Latvian SOS Children’s Villages Association.

“AML and compliance, as well as credit and risk control, are among the most important cornerstones of SEB banka and the entire financial industry, so I am pleased that Māris Larionovs and Kārlis Danēvičs will take responsibility for them. They have accumulated excellent and rich professional experience in the bank. Excellence in these areas will certainly help to be the strongest bank in corporate and retail banking, and in the future it is clear that Latvia needs to work purposefully to ensure that Latvia’s achievements in AML and compliance are assessed by international partners and investors. “We want to be a leader in sustainable financing and help create an environment and opportunities for our businesses and society that support green transformation and provide long-term added value,” comments Ieva Tetere. SEB bank Chairman of the Board.

Erki Pugals, the current member of the Board, who has been responsible for credit and risk control so far, will continue his work in the field of lending. SEB bank Group.

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SEB bank The Board consists of six people in Latvia: Ieva Tetere, Chairman of the Board, Ints Krasts, Head of Corporate Banking, Arnis Škapars, Head of Retail Business Services, Māris Larionovs, Member of the Board responsible for AML and Compliance, Credit and Risk Control Management Board member Kārlis Danēvičs and CFO Kristaps Strazds.

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