Changes in sick leave. New L4 rules more favorable to employees [29.11.2020]

A bill was submitted to the Sejm, which provides for the payment of 100 percent. remuneration for sick leave in the event of an infectious disease or in quarantine or isolation. This is a positive change, because currently the vast majority of employees get only 80% of sick leave. salary.

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Currently, the majority of people who stay on L4 receive 80 percent. remuneration for the period during which they were entitled to sick leave. There are few exceptions to this rule.

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100 percent the basis for the calculation of sickness benefit is due for:

  • the period of stay in hospital, if the incapacity for work is caused by an accident on the way to or from work, or
  • the inability to work occurs during pregnancy or
  • will be caused by undergoing the necessary medical examinations provided for candidates for donors of cells, tissues and organs, or by the procedure of cell, tissue and organ donation.

By September 5, 2020, 100% Also doctors, nurses and nurses received remuneration for the time of illness medical lifeguards. From September 5 this year. the insured person employed in a medical entity, who was incapable of work due to COVID-19 in connection with the performance of duties resulting from employment in a medical entity or was in compulsory quarantine or isolation at home because he was in contact with people suffering from COVID-19 in connection with the performance of duties, he / she is entitled to sickness benefits on general terms.

– After exhausting 33 or 14 days of payment of remuneration for the period of incapacity to work due to illness, he is entitled to sickness benefit in the amount of 70%, respectively. or 80 percent base dimension, not 100 percent. – says Krystyna Michałek, the regional spokesman for the Social Insurance Institution of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Medical leave paid 100%? There is a project in the Sejm

The parliamentary club of the Left wants, however, that 100 percent. Remuneration for the time on sick leave was also paid to people who had an infectious disease and were in quarantine or home isolation. The bill on this matter has already been submitted to the Sejm.

In the light of the new regulations, a remuneration of 100 percent. on sick leave would be entitled to:

  • infectious disease lasting up to 33 days in total during a calendar year, and up to 14 days for an employee who has reached 50 years of age,
  • the period of undergoing quarantine or isolation or other legal forms of solitary confinement in connection with an infectious disease lasting a total of up to 33 days during a calendar year, and up to 14 days for an employee who has reached 50 years of age.

Medical leave paid 100%? Who will benefit from it?

The MPs from the Left argue that the proposed changes will bring the desired social, economic and financial effects. Thanks to this solution in the case of an infectious disease and the related incapacity for work, the household will not suffer economically, especially if the main earner of the family will be on sick leave.

The project will also increase the motivation to undergo diagnostics of infectious diseases and the rigors of quarantine and isolation.

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Medical leave paid 100%? Who paid for it?

According to the members of the Left, the source of financing for the proposed solutions will be the Social Insurance Fund (Sickness Fund). –

The project was sent for public consultation. The amendment would enter into force 14 days after its publication in the Journal of Laws.

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