Changed beyond recognition! Is this Christian Kostov?

Christian Kostov uploaded in his personal Instagram account a gallery containing six photos, which show that he arrived in Sofia. In the footage taken near the Ivan Vazov National Theater, he is standing in front of the lens with a cup of coffee in one hand and a laptop in the other, wearing a gray fleece jacket and a wide black scarf up to his knees. His look is complemented by a black leather bag that the young singer has slung over his shoulder. Impressive is the new hairstyle of the artist, who, relying on an eccentric look, can often be confused with a young lady.

“My first trip since January 2020. It’s good to be back,” he wrote to his post, adding a heart to his message.

Christian spent the first evening of his stay in a hotel, providing a wonderful view of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, writes.

In mid-March, Kostov celebrated his 21st birthday with eleven of his closest friends in Moscow. He then shared a series of videos and footage showing how his special day went. One of the gifts he received from his guests was a PlayStation5 console. In some of the photos, the boy poses in the large bathroom of his apartment, between two helium balloons depicting the number 21, sitting on the edge of a bathtub. For the good occasion, he had opted for a gray striped suit with a wide cut.

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