Change the language of the full version and initial version of Windows 7

Change the language of Windows 7 In this post we will explain in a clear and simple way how to change the language of Windows 7, we will explain what Windows 7 is, as well as list all the steps with which we can change the language.

Windows 7

  • Before the release of Windows 7, the situation was not without an operating system, so the operating system before Windows 7 was Windows Vista, and the work has continued through hard work for up to three consecutive years.
  • And in the year two thousand and nine, Windows 7 was launched, the operating system called in Arabic, in English as Windows 7.
  • This released world of systems and technology is Microsoft with such great credit.
  • This system is designed to run computers and use many laptops known as foreign laptops, as well as the ability to use them with internet specialized tablets and computers.
  • Microsoft also released Windows 8 and finally made it a subsidiary of Windows 7, this is a form of development for Windows, among the best operating systems.
  • For Windows 7, phase is the process of developing and updating previous operating systems, and the result of Vista’s development has led to the improvement of Windows 7, which is largely a form of development.

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Windows 7 development

  • We’ve seen Windows 7 used on Vista computers themselves, and with Windows 7, Microsoft wants to take a closer look at presentations like PowerPoint.
  • This was to limit support for all touch screen devices, and Microsoft focused its attention on designing a new taskbar.
  • This is clearly visible in Windows 7, where we found a very advanced taskbar.
  • Due to the degree of development of the Windows 7 taskbar, this bar was called Superbar in a foreign language called Super Stick. As we can see, Microsoft is focusing on Windows 7 on what is known as the Windows Shell.
  • He is very interested in improving the overall performance of computers and Windows 7 systems in general, as well as helping develop and update the foreign intercom system called Home Grope.
  • When many people started using Windows 7 and everyone started installing this operating system, it was surprising that the programs available and used by those who used Vista disappeared.
  • This is similar to calendar programs as well as mail programs and it is important to note that the Windows 7 name launched in this operating system is the last name it was launched from, followed by the name Blake Mop, then it was changed by Microsoft and changed in Vienna until it launched in Windows 7.

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Change the language of Windows 7

Many people have encountered some hurdles after using the Windows 7 operating system, including programs that were there before and then disappeared, as well as their lack of knowledge of Windows 7 language switching, and this will be discussed in the following lines.

  • When you change the language of Windows 7, you have to go through a few steps, and these steps must be followed in the same order, without switching from one step to another, until Windows 7 finally changes the language.
  • Among the many advantages of Windows 7 is the possibility to change the display language in a very simple and fast way.
  • That is, whether the Windows version is the corporate version or the version that is considered full.
  • But if your Windows version is considered as beta or home version and it is the first version, then here we see that the best solution to change Windows 7 language is to install language interface packs.
  • Here we see that the most used elements switch to the chosen language, but we see that the other elements required in this version remain intact and will not undergo any changes.
  • This also gives Windows the opportunity to switch the keyboard input language for typing in many languages ​​other than English, which is the primary language of Windows.
  • Thus, we find ourselves changing the language of Windows 7 by following a few steps to complete the operation and achieve the desired result.

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Windows 7 completely changes the language version

  • To change the language of Windows 7 in the full version, we first click on the inscription Start, choose the Control Panel called Control Panel and install the so-called language packs.
  • This, in turn, helps to change the language of the custom interface of Windows, which is in the full edition of Windows or only in the business edition.
  • The next step is to click on the menu called “View” and then choose “Large Icons”, this is for large icons or we choose small icons.
  • This is for all the small icons, here we have enough space and the opportunity to adjust the display of the relevant contents of the control panel.
  • We find it easy to check the option settings and simply find the good one here.
  • Then we click on Windows Update, which we find written in English. windows update
  • From here, we can download the language packs we want simply and easily, and in the next step we click on the “Optional updates are available” link.

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Change language for windows

  • And when we notice that this link is not visible to us, we need to click Check for Updates. After that many language boxes appear where we choose the language we want and click on it until we confirm the selection.
  • Next, we confirm the installation of the package until the command is completed, so we see that after installation you can request authorization and enter your username and password.
  • This is not a reason to worry that it won’t load or that it will take a long time to load, but it will complete in minutes.
  • After the installation is complete, we must return to the control panel called “Control Panel” and then select the icon called “Region and Language” for the language and region.
  • Then we choose the keyboard tab and language, a menu called “Choose display language” appears.
  • We click on it and find a drop-down list where several languages ​​u200bu200bwith language packs are downloaded to us, and then we select the desired one.
  • After this selection, we click on the word “Apply” and exit the system, and Windows 7 appears with its new settings.
  • However, we have changed the language of Windows 7, but in some software, if the language is not changed well, you need to change the system location so that the language can work completely and very well.

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Change the language of the initial version of Windows 7

  • Here we see that the first step is to choose the destination of the language packs, some of which were previously different.
  • We have seen that these packages are small and change the language of some or specific parts of the system, not the whole system.
  • We are in the process of downloading language interface packs specifically available for Windows 7 and reviewing all language packs.
  • Thanks to the third column that appears on the screen, we see that in addition to seeing all the information about the language packs, we know all the details about the base language and we have also found all the versions of Windows.
  • Sometimes, when selecting a skin for a new language pack, a message appears stating that this target is not installed, unless you are upgrading a copy of Windows built only on full versions of Windows, as well as enterprise versions.
  • The next step is, after selecting the interface of the language packs you want, click on the “Get Now” option, or we find this sentence written in a foreign language as “Get Now”.
  • By clicking on this sentence we are faced with a new page for the chosen language, as you can see that the language written on this page is the same as the chosen language, so click on the download link.

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Windows 7 download first steps

  • By clicking on this link we find ourselves in front of a page with all the details of the selected language, then we choose the language file, but it is necessary to select the file corresponding to the version of Windows.
  • We see that we have two options, the first is thirty-two files or “Properties” and then we choose the sixty-four files that we know by clicking on the word “System Type”.
  • Next, we choose the appropriate file for the downloaded version of Windows, then we download it directly, and after downloading this file we find it in the Downloads folder inside the computer.
  • Then we immediately go to the downloaded file until it runs and the installation page appears, which will be in the same language as we selected, then we press next until we install it.
  • After installation, we find it necessary to accept Microsoft’s terms in some way to complete and finish the installation process.
  • After going through a lot of Microsoft information and a few items, we’re waiting a while for it to install.
  • Here we select the new language after installation and change the Windows 7 language until it becomes the preferred language, and the computer must be shut down and then restarted to complete this process successfully.

At the end of the article, we’ll explain the best way to go through the Windows 7 language change process, as well as determine the difference between the full version of Windows, which is an enterprise version, and the initial version, and the difference between them.

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