Change of position in republicans could bring the $ 600 weekly unemployment

$ 600 weekly supplemental unemployment aid could come back in the new economic stimulus package being negotiated by Republican and Democratic lawmakers, as well as stay at that amount.

CNN reported that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellHe said he could support keeping unemployment aid at $ 600 a week. The expressions came after the republican opposition to that amount. Initially, they proposed that it be lowered to $ 200, since as they explained, they understood that this amount, which was in force for 4 months and ended on July 31, discouraged citizens from returning to work.

Also, Forbes reviewed that McConnell exposed who is “prepared to support” the inclusion of the $ 600 in the stimulus package.

Meanwhile, the Democratic speaker in the House, Nancy Pelosi has stressed that she will not give in to the reduction of the additional $ 600 of unemployment. The congresswoman has defended the aid on the grounds that American families will fall below poverty levels if they stop receiving the money.

Thousands of Puerto Ricans received this aid along with their unemployment insurance payments or the Pandemic Unemployment Program (PUA).

The aid was retroactive to April 4, with a period of four months.

$ 1,200 Incentive

Payments to individuals have had greater support from both Democrats and Republicans. Both parties favor sending the money to individuals and their dependents, so there is no agreement on the final amounts and requirements.

The Cares Act established $ 1,200 for individuals who earned $ 75,000 or less, as well as $ 2,400 for marriages that earned $ 150,000 or less a year. In addition, they awarded $ 500 for each dependent child under 16 years of age.

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