Change Facebook Name So Meta, Not That Easy Zuckerberg!


Last week, Facebook Inc officially changed its name to Meta Platforms Inc. This company is the parent of various social media companies such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

But Mark Zuckerberg’s path to renaming his social media business empire met with obstacles. Because it turns out that the company’s new name has already been used, namely Meta PC.

Meta PC itself is a small company that has 25 employees and is engaged in computer products, laptops, tablets, software and other things related to technology.

According to TMZ, the company’s co-founders, Joe Darger and Zack Shutt, filed for registration of the Meta mark with a local US patent agency in August 2021.

The two founders admitted that the company had been in existence for 1 year. However, recently they just wanted to submit documents for the official registration of their trademark.

Although the two companies have the potential to be involved in conflict, Meta PC is interested in handing over the trademark to Mark Zuckerberg for a dowry of US$ 20 million or equivalent to Rp. 286 billion (exchange rate of Rp. 14,300).

The money Darger and Shutt were asking for did sound huge. But if they think about it again, they also have to change the entire image of the company because they have to change the name.

Even so, Meta PC was also getting a positive impact from this. Since it was announced that Facebook changed its name to Meta, the social media account owned by Meta PC has increased its followers by 5,000%.

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However, a source familiar with the matter revealed that Facebook still believes it has the rights to the ‘Meta’ trademark.

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