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Deadline November 30: changing car insurance saves families with children up to 843 euros

Motor vehicle insurers are currently trying to win back customers with good terms. Car owners can cancel their car insurance until the November 30 deadline. This is particularly quick and easy with the 1-click cancellation service with CHECK24.

Consumers directly cancel their existing contract when they take out a new auto insurance policy. And online with just one click – without paper and signature. You will immediately receive confirmation of the cancellation. CHECK24 guarantees timely receipt by the insurance company and the registrar is automatically notified of the change.

“We guarantee our customers that the termination of the old contract will work – and without subsequent costs”, says Michael Roloff, managing director of motor vehicle insurance at CHECK24. “If there is a problem, our personal contacts will help. If the insurance company does not behave properly, we offer customers free legal assistance and assume the additional costs in the event of an unwanted contract extension.”

Changing car insurance: families with a child who is entitled to drive save up to 843 euros

By switching car insurance, consumers can save several hundred euros. show it exemplary calculations by CHECK24 for typical driver profiles. A family with a child who is licensed to drive has the greatest savings potential of all – up to 843 euros.

300 CHECK24 experts advise on all aspects of vehicle insurance

The CHECK24 insurance experts will help you with all questions relating to car insurance in a personal consultation by email, chat or telephone. In addition, CHECK24 customers are supported around the clock by our chatbot in many service matters. In their personal insurance center, customers manage their insurance contracts, regardless of who they have taken out. You benefit from the automatic verification of premiums and benefits and can thus easily optimize your insurance coverage and save money at the same time.

About CHECK24

CHECK24 is Germany’s largest comparison portal. The free online comparison of numerous suppliers creates constant transparency and customers often save several hundred euros by switching. You can choose from over 300 car insurance rates, over 1,000 electricity and over 850 gas suppliers, over 300 banks and credit brokers, over 350 telecommunications providers for ADSL and mobile telephony, over 10,000 approved electronics, household and tire shops for cars, more than 300 car rental companies, more than 1,000,000 accommodations, more than 700 airlines, more than 75 tour operators and service providers in around 70 categories have the right offer for you. The use of the CHECK24 comparison calculator and personal customer advice seven days a week is free for consumers. CHECK24 receives remuneration from the suppliers. Bank C24 also belongs to the CHECK24 group. CHECK24 is headquartered in Munich and is represented at 18 other locations in Germany.

CHECK24 supports the EU quality criteria for comparison portals

Consumer protection is the top priority for CHECK24. CHECK24 is therefore actively involved in the application of uniform European quality criteria for comparison portals. The European Commission’s list of principles “Key principles for comparison tools” contains nine recommendations for objectivity and transparency, which CHECK24 meets on all points, including rankings, market coverage, data currency, user reviews customers, ease of use and customer service.

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