Change BCA ATM Card No Need to Queue at Branch Offices, Here’s How

Bank BCA makes it easy for customers to change ATM cards. Photo/R.Suratman/SINDOnews

JAKARTA – Replacement process ATM card chip BCA customers no need to do it in droves to storm the branch office. BCA has provided various solutions so that customers don’t have to bother changing magnetic stripe ATM cards to chip cards whose deadline ends on November 30, 2021.

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BCA data as of October 2021 shows the number of BCA debit cards recorded at around 24.8 million pieces. Around 22.2 million cards or about 88% have been recorded to have switched to using chips.

“In principle, we have provided socialization and education to customers widely to immediately replace chip-based ATM cards. Socialization is carried out through various communication media, including mass media, SMS, notifications or notifications on BCA mobile and ATM screens, as well as various social platforms. media,” said Executive Vice President Secretariat & Corporate Communication of BCA Hera F. Haryn to MNC Portal Indonesia in Jakarta (29/11/2021).

He also explained that related to the queue at the branch office, according to him, until now it is still under control. The company has tried to follow health protocol procedures at each branch office when serving chip debit card replacements.

“In the socialization that has been carried out, BCA has appealed to customers not to need to go to branch offices to replace cards,” he added.

Customers can go through the following ways:

1. BCA mobile

Through BCA mobile, customers can easily replace their BCA chip debit card. The Customer Card will be sent to the address of the customer’s choice or sent to the nearest branch.



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