Champions League standings after Tuesday’s matches. Liverpool win and Barcelona fall

On Tuesday evening, 8 matches of the group stage of the Champions League were played, which saw many surprises and ample results that increased the enthusiasm and passion of the prestigious continental championship, especially after the fall of Barcelona against Inter and the victory of Club Brugge at the expense of Atletico Madrid.

The Italian Napoli beat Ajax Amsterdam at home, 6-1, in the match that took place on Tuesday evening at the “Johan Cruyff Arena”, in the third round of Group A of the 2022-2023 UEFA Champions League group stage.

Club Brugge defeated Atlético Madrid 2-0 in the match that brought them together Tuesday night at the “Jean Bridal” stadium in the group stage competitions of the European Champions League. The goals of the match came from Kamal Sawah and Ferran Gutgla, respectively in the 36th and 62nd minutes.

The Italian team, Inter, snatched a tough victory from their Spanish counterpart, Barcelona, ​​1–0, during the match that brought the two teams together on Tuesday night at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan , in the third round of Group C competitions in the Champions League groups. .

Liverpool beat Rangers 2-0 in the match that took place between them at Anfield, in the third round of Group A of the Champions League for the current season 2022-2023..

And he imposed a goalless draw against Eintracht Frankfurt with his host, Tottenham Hotspur, in the third round of Champions League Group D..

The Champions League group standings are as follows:

The first group:

Naples: 9 points

Liverpool: 6 points

Ajax: 3 points

Rangers: zero points

the second group:

Club Brugge: 9 points

Bayer Leverkusen: 3 points

Porto: 3 points

Atletico Madrid: 3 points

Third group:

Bayern Munich: 9

Inter: 6 points

Barcelona: 3 points

Victory Plzen: zero points

Fourth group:

Sporting Lisbon: 6 points

Tottenham: 4 points

Eintracht Frankfurt: 4 points

Marseille: 3 points

Fifth round: one round to the left

Milan: 4 points

Dinamo Zagreb: 3 points

Salzburg: 2 points

Chelsea: 1 point

Sixth round: one round to the left

Real Madrid: 6 points

Shakhtar Donetsk: 4 points

Celtic: 1 point

Leipzig: zero points

Group seven: one turn to the left

Manchester City: 6 points

Borussia Dortmund: 3 points

Copenhagen: 1 point

Seville: 1 point

Eighth round: one turn to the left

PSG: 6 points

Benfica: 6 points

Juventus: zero points

Maccabi: zero points

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