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Inter play, attack, try, but in the end Liverpool win, who set foot in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The cold summary, after all, is this and is now a constant in Italy and Europe that has also become worrying for Simone Inzaghi’s team. Klopp celebrates at San Siro, who thanks to two blazes by Firmino and Salah sees the passage of the round after 75 ‘in which, however, the English suffer and not a little the Nerazzurri. But, as has already happened too many times in the season, Inter paid for the lack of verve of the attackers, as well as an atavistic inaccuracy on the trocar. And in the end, then, having wasted all the waste, it collapses inexorably. The chronicle

A script already seen, remaining only in the Champions League, this season for example against Real Madrid, but not only. With one foot out of Europe and forced to chase Milan in the league, a reaction from the Nerazzurri will now be needed right from Sunday’s match against Sassuolo. In the cold of San Siro (temperature close to zero), Inter started playing openly and creating the first dangers of the challenge. The first occasion was in fact the Nerazzurri, with a right-footed shot from Lautaro who slipped just to the side of the goal. For the British, Manè responds immediately, whose header ends high. The risks that Simone Inzaghi’s men take during the construction phase bear fruit, because, net of a couple of errors not exploited by the reds, it is the hosts who become more dangerous. The best opportunity comes on one of the many defeats by Perisic, who with a low cross finds Calhanogliu alone in the area: the Turkish left-hander, however, hits the crossbar against Alisson being beaten. Liverpool replies again with Manè, who tries in reverse without finding the door. In the second half, Klopp immediately plays the Firmino card, thrown into the fray for a dead Jota. But it is still Inter to come out better from the locker rooms, creating more than a few headaches for the English defense: Vidal and Perisic, however, on two occasions fail to serve Lautaro in the best possible way, thus failing to realize the opportunities that the Nerazzurri create. with the game. Klopp tries to change the challenge from the bench again with the entries of Keita, Henderson and Luis Diaz, while Dzeko scores but in clear offside. Just Luis Diaz makes him wake up, with an insertion in the area on which Skriniar closes at the last. Liverpool regained strength also thanks to the changes and Inzaghi tries to respond with Sanchez, who came in for Lautaro. And there are new opportunities for the Nerazzurri, with Dzeko wasting a nice pass from Vidal while Dumfries with a header does not find the door on a corner. In the best moment of Inter, however, Liverpool pass, with what is probably not their best weapon: on a corner in fact Firmino anticipates Bastoni and heads ahead the English on the first shot in the mirror of the whole match. Inter try to react immediately, but Perisic’s right-footed shot ends high. However, it is the last blaze of the Nerazzurri’s offensive thrust and the Reds, as a great team, take advantage of it to close the game and probably also the qualifying accounts. Thanks to a paw from Salah, whose left-handed deflected goes out in the net behind Handanovic. Inter still takes the applause of the San Siro, but laughs at Liverpool, who will only have to close the speech at Anfield on March 8 in the return match: the Nerazzurri will need something more than a feat.

Salzburg and Bayern Munich 1-1 (1-0) in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. Austrians in the lead with Adamu on 21 ‘pt, equal to the Bavarians with Coman on 45’ st The chronicle

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