Chamber of Commerce: Don’t let the coronavirus panic get you down

In the past week, the corona virus has dominated the European media landscape. This caused panic in some people. However, if you take a factual look at the numbers, there is hardly any risk of being infected in South Tyrol – regardless of whether other cases will occasionally occur in the near future. Even if one is infected, the course of the disease is not serious in nine out of ten cases. There is no reason to despair. The psychological and economic effects of the corona virus are greater than the consequences of the disease itself. Life and work should go on, says the Bozen Chamber of Commerce.

The many precautionary measures in South Tyrol mean that the disease cannot spread any further. “There is currently no great risk of being infected with the corona virus in South Tyrol. That is why it is important that the life of South Tyroleans goes on. Panic is inappropriate, ”says Chamber of Commerce President Michl Ebner.

Even if there is an infection, you don’t need to despair. The most comprehensive study to date from China on the coronavirus shows that 80 to 90 percent of the illnesses only have mild symptoms similar to those of the flu. Pneumonia develops in 10 to 15 percent of cases, and in most cases there is a benign course with healing. In 4 percent of cases, the patient is admitted to an intensive care unit and in 2.5 percent of the cases, the patient dies. These are mainly older people and those who have a previous illness. Every single case is very unfortunate and those affected deserve our sympathy.

Safe location for tourists in South Tyrol

“In South Tyrol we have a well-functioning medical company and excellently trained nurses and doctors as well as a functioning civil defense who are ideally equipped for any eventuality,” emphasizes Alfred Aberer, General Secretary of the Bozen Chamber of Commerce.

The location is also safe for tourists and nothing stands in the way of a holiday in South Tyrol. All borders with South Tyrol are open. The arrival and departure can currently be regular and easy.

Due to the psychological factors of panic caused by the corona virus, there is a risk of economic damage for South Tyrol. This should be prevented by all means. Despite the circumstances, life and economic activity must continue.



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