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Challenges in the Ice Cream Industry: Decreased Sales and Rising Prices

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Ice cream stands can be found in the city center, swimming pools, along the roads and in many other places. But this year’s sales are not exactly ideal, they are even significantly weaker compared to previous seasons, as the sales representative of one of the biggest players in the industry admitted.

The editors talked about this topic with Bohumil Štěpanovský from Zmrzka Tatra, which produces ice cream mixtures, ice chips and cones and belongs to the brand that produces dairy products.

He blames this year’s weak sales on the increased prices of everything.

“The season is marked by prices. Everything is significantly more expensive. More expensive mixes. Even cones, the price of which has increased by perhaps one hundred percent in three years. It’s not like before, when the staff gave it to the kids for free, now they sell it. The sellers also have to raise the price of ice cream, almost everywhere it is already forty-five crowns. Then a family with several children will change their mind,” Zmrzka Tatra Štěpanovský, a sales representative, told PrahaIN.cz.

“It’s weaker. Significantly weaker. Big sellers of ice cream, who used to take, for example, two meters per month, now only take a hundred kilos. The market is not like that,” he added.

We wrote

Although the current weather does not yet resemble the approaching summer, we could see a change in the coming weeks. Inherently high temperatures…

Not even an ice shard pulls

According to him, not only the weather plays a role in the decrease in sales. As he said, it was even worse. The most important factor is really primarily the price.

The most popular ice cream is of course the one with vanilla flavor. “Fifty percent at least. Then fruity, namely strawberry and raspberry. Chocolate is also popular, but that’s the minimum.’

But what is currently not very appealing is ice shards. This is also related to the decrease in sales.

“It must be a seller who has a lot of customers. And it’s in a good place too. Smaller sellers, for example in villages, often lose ice cream business when they add crushed ice to their offer. People buy either one or the other,” says Bohumil Štěpanovský.

He also adds that this sweet delicacy requires warm weather, ideally thirty degrees Celsius or more. According to him, ice cream can be sold even if it is cloudy outside.

“I’ve also heard that many of the stallholders who are close to the school are looking forward to the holidays being over. That they then have the biggest deals when the children go back to school. But of course it depends on the place, it’s different,” concluded the sales representative of Zmrzka Tatra.

According to our information, a similar situation exists with another large supplier, which is Czech ice cream from Opočno. This year’s sales are said to be below last year’s.

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