Challenge Harley-Davidson, Honda Releases 1100 Rebel

LONDON, KOMPAS.comHonda released the Honda CMX 1100 alias Rebel 1100 in Europe. This bike is a new family with a bigger pot, as it was previously limited to the Rebel 500.

The design is still the same as the other Rebel. The difference is that because the engine is bigger, it looks bigger too. The details of the motorbike look bigger and are also denser.

The Rebel 1100 has larger dimensions than the Rebel 500. The total length is 2,240 mm, width 853 mm and height 1,115 mm. 698 mm seat height and weight 230 kg.

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photo" data-photolink="" style="max-width: 100%;width:750px">Photo: Special Honda Rebel 1100-

The Rebel 1100 features a 1,084 cc, 2-cylinder, SOHC, 8-valve engine. Able to produce 85.8 tk at 7,000 rpm and 98 Nm tosi at 4,750 rpm.

On paper, the specifications of this engine are greater than the Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 1200 with 66 tk and 96 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm. And Indian Scout which is 100 tk at 97 Nm.

This engine is basically the same as that of the CRF1100L Africa twin. But underwent several changes to make it more proportional to be used in the Rebel 1100.

The Flywheel or Rebel 1100 clutch housing is made 32 percent heavier than the Africa Twin. So that the power distribution is calmer than the Africa Twin which is for dual purpose.

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photo" data-photolink="" style="max-width: 100%;width:750px">Honda Rebel 1100Photo: Special Honda Rebel 1100-

The Rebel 1100 is equipped with Ride-by-wire technology that regulates three levels of traction control. In addition, there are four driving modes as needed, namely Standard, Rain, Sport and User.

The Rebel 1100 has a 35 degree angle. Ground clearance of 120 mm. 43mm diameter telescopic front suspension and dual rear, with adjustable preload.

The front wheels are 18-inch round aluminum five bars with 330mm brake discs, while the rear 16-inch wheels use single-piston calipers and 256mm discs.

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