Chairul Tanjung’s Retail Company Sued PKPU, This Is CT Corpora Profile

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – PT Trans Retail Indonesia has been sued at the Central Jakarta District Court. The lawsuit was filed at the retail company owned Chairul Tanjung that is because they cannot pay their debt to one of its creditors, PT Tritunggal Adyabuana.

Registration of matters is done on Wednesday 30 September 2020. Classification of matters is the deferment of debt repayment obligation (PKPU). The hypermarket company, Transmart Carrefour, has been sued for postponement of payment obligations debt (PKPU).

The Central Jakarta District Court Case Tracking Information System Data stated that Trans Retail Indonesia was the defendant in case number 319 / Pdt.Sus-PKPU / 2020 / PN Niaga Jkt.Pst.

Trans Retail Indonesia is part of the Trans Corporation, with the brands Carrefour, Transmart, and Groserindo. The number of employees owned is more than 12,000 employees.

Meanwhile Chairul Tanjung is the founder and owner of CT Corp. Previously, CT Corpora acquired 60 percent of Trans Retail Indonesia shares in 2012 from Carrefour Nederland BV and Onesia BV for 525 million Euros or US $ 671 million. The acquisition is a continuation of the takeover of 40 percent of Carrefour’s shares in 2010.

Trans Corporation is 1 of 3 subholdings under CT Corpora, a business group owned by Chairul Tanjung. Apart from Trans Corp, CT Corpora is also in charge of Mega Corpora and CT Global Resources.

Based on Forbes calculations, Chairul Tanjung has a net worth of US $ 3.6 billion or the equivalent of Rp.52.99 trillion. He entered the list of 50 richest people in Indonesia in 2019 at number 9.

The following is CT Corpora’s business portfolio, as reported on the company’s official website.

Trans Corp

The official website of CT Corpora states that Trans Corp is a sub-holding business for the media, food and beverage, retail, hospitality and playground businesses. In the media sector, Trans Corp has three television stations, namely Trans TV, Trans 7, and CNN Indonesia. Trans Corp is also in charge of news portal.


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