Chairman of the Max House Medical Association “Wen, I need to be hit by Pfizer tomorrow to relieve anxiety”

Photographed by Max House Medical Association Chairman Facebook.

The president of the Korean Medical Association (Medical Association), the largest house, insisted that President Moon Jae-in should be vaccinated in person to relieve the vaccination anxiety of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), which has risen on the 3rd.

Chairman Choi said, “In the first 1-2 weeks of vaccination, vaccination-related deaths and severe side effects increase national anxiety about the vaccine. It is also a good way to inoculate,” he said.

Chairman Choi said, “Because of the failure to obtain vaccines early, vaccinations were planned for 750,000 AstraZeneca and 60,000 Pfizers in Korea from the start of vaccination on February 26th. As it is the start of vaccination, vaccination by the end of March is very important. “It is because we need to increase public confidence in vaccination such as safety, efficacy, and speed.”

“As expected, two cases of AstraZeneca vaccine-related deaths occurred today, which is expected to cause considerable public anxiety.” “President Moon is over 65 years old, so he cannot be vaccinated against the AstraZeneca vaccine. He urged, “I hope that the vaccine will help relieve the public anxiety caused by vaccination-related deaths and severe side effects,” he urged.

Regarding the death accident after vaccination, Chairman Choi stressed that “the government authorities should thoroughly examine the clinical history and autopsy of the death case to verify the causality.”

Reporter Eunbin Kim [email protected]

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