CGT Activists in Allier Face Judicial Harassment: Sophie Binet Denounces

Under a crushing sun, in front of the gates of the Montluçon court, Sophie Binet came to denounce the judicial harassment of which, according to her, the activists and activists of the CGT in the department of Allier are victims.

“The Allier has the sad record of lawsuits against our activists and in particular against the secretary general of the Departmental Union Laurent Indrusiak who is the subject of real judicial harassment since he has already been the subject, to date , of 28 lawsuits”, attacks ball in head the general secretary of the CGT.

Speech by Sophie Binet to CGT activists

And Sophie Binet to drive the point home: “Laurent Indrusiak has been sentenced four times for grotesque reasons. He is accused in particular of having stuck stickers on a parking meter, of having stuck posters on the headquarters of Medef and of to have organized a snail operation on the RN145”.

Don’t go overboard

Faced with the 200 activists present in front of the Montluçon court, the general secretary of the CGT then addressed the Prime Minister: “I ask Élisabeth Borne to intervene immediately to put an end to this local situation and to give very clear to the new prefect and to the police force because there is a nauseating micro-climate here”.

Pension reform: Sophie Binet calls on deputies to vote on the repeal bill

On its way, Sophie Binet also asked the tenant of Matignon for an amnesty for all activists who are prosecuted as part of their trade union action and the strengthening of the labor code so “that trade union freedoms are guaranteed and that when ‘a boss dismisses a trade unionist or a striker, the sentences are very heavy, which is not the case today’.

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