[CES 2021]LG OLED has stepped on the industry and even the display is buried? ! | Post76 Play Network

LG’s popularity and outstanding technology in OLED TVs don’t need to be explained by the author! But this year CES 2021 LG extended its own OLED technology to the computer monitor market!

UltraFine OLED display

LG brings good news to all computer users at CES 2021 this year! The brand will officially launch its first 4K OLED computer monitor, named “UltraFine OLED pro”. This display is 31.5 inches, and inherits the advantages of OLED self-luminous panel features and high contrast. LG refers to UltraFine’s DCI-P3 color gamut up to 99%, allowing the color accuracy and fineness to be more realistic to restore the effects of shooting . Equipped with USB Type-C terminals, 3 USB terminals, two DisplayPort and HDMI inputs, etc., compared with the terminal input of ordinary monitors, it is believed to be able to meet the needs of different users. The price and date of sale have yet to be officially announced.

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