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A new robotic cat has been presented at the CES 2020 Consumer Electronics Fair, which took place in Las Vegas between January 7 and 11. This is MarsCat, a feline capable of walking, running, sleeping and even burying her own ‘droppings’, imaginary of course. Although cats are independent animals and little demanding, this robot is designed for people who do not have time to devote to a pet but also want to have one.

MarsCat It is able to perceive its owner. The robot cat can hear, observe and play, because it responds to touch and voice contact. Although the cat is totally autonomous, it also requires the affective attention of the person who acquires it, since it has six moods that vary depending on how the relationship with its master develops. You can be energetic, excited, distant, lazy, social or shy. Look at it in Youtube.

“If you barely respond and try to play with her later, she can ignore you and you have to please her so she feels‘ happy ’,” the creators of MarsCat

The robotic cat was created by Elephant Robotics and works based on the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, artificial intelligence and various sensors that allow the programming of the robot by its owner. At the end of 2019 a fundraising campaign was created on the website of Kickstarter hoping to collect $ 100,000. Fortunately, the goal was exceeded and so far there are more than $ 126,900.

MarsCat It has other competitors in the market, but it differs from the rest by its economic price and the amount of superior functions it offers. In Kickstarter, the first sponsors had the option to separate the product with an initial price of $ 649, Currently the cost is $ 699 and is going up according to the date it is sent. A video uploaded to the channel of Youtube The company shows in greater depth the characteristics of the feline.




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