Cervantes de Torreón School. Reconstruction per minute of the shooting at Colegio Cervantes de Torreón. Infographic

This Friday an 11-year-old boy, a student of the prestigious Cervantes School from Torreón, Coahuila, started a shootout in which killed himself after firing at a teacher, who died at the scene. He also left six people injured.

The attack was executed under the influence of a videogame, according to local authorities. However, the shirt he wore, with the legend “Natural Selection” in addition to making a reference to the video game is also the phrase that Columbine’s killer carried in 1999.

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The sixth-year-old boy lived with his grandmother and had “very good grades” and “apparently normal behavior,” said Torreón Mayor Jorge Zermeño.

The boy had gone to school with two short weapons, a 22 gauge and a 40 gauge, which he hid in his backpack.

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Look here for a reconstruction, minute by minute of the events, according to EL UNIVERSAL has learned from the authorities

If you cannot see the infographic correctly in your browser, here we present it:



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