Certain risks to leave the province

With countries that quietly open their borders, Quebecers may be tempted to escape outside the province, but they expose themselves to risks.

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Currently, it is possible to travel within Canada to travel to all provinces except Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. .

Some, however, require isolation for 14 days upon arrival in the province.

Outside Canada, it is already possible to travel to a few countries, such as Mexico, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Portugal and the United States, by air.

With regard to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, France and Spain, in particular, it will be necessary to wait until 1is July.

However, the federal government announced on Saturday that it is continuing its official warning to avoid non-essential foreign travel for Canadians.

Thus, as long as this warning is in effect, travel insurance companies will refuse to reimburse the medical costs related to COVID-19 contracted in another country.

Despite everything, several Quebecers have already undertaken to book stays abroad as early as July, according to Voyages Gendron.

The company says, however, that they have much more control over their reservations, due to the uncertainty generated by the pandemic.

“All the companies selling trips at the moment offer very flexible cancellation or date change conditions. This is today’s new reality, ”explains the director of the agency’s golf department, Ève Bourdeau.

Mme Bourdeau said that it is better to travel to Quebec at the moment.

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– With the QMI Agency


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