certain districts of New York are closing schools and businesses

Published on : 08/10/2020 – 07:10Modified : 08/10/2020 – 09:10

While New York seemed to have the epidemic under control, the city is recording a new rise in contamination in certain neighborhoods, several of which have a large Orthodox Jewish population, where, especially on the grounds of Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur, the Covid-19 has spread again. In an attempt to limit the spread of the coronavirus, the governor ordered the closure of classes and new restrictions in the areas concerned. A new puzzle for parents whose children had returned to school barely a week ago.

With our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki

On the door of this school in Queens, New York, the sign “Welcome” now stands next to the one announcing the closure of the establishment two days ago. The children, who had just returned to school, returned to distance learning.

A decision that does not necessarily suit the families who had, once again, to review their entire organization. ” Parents work and it’s not easy when you have to babysit and can’t go to work, explains a woman. Because it’s good to close schools, but the work is not canceled! »

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In the absence of her parents who are forced to go out to work, Liv Collins looks after her two brothers aged 7 and 10 on her own. “ I’m half at school, half away. It will inevitably be difficult to follow since someone has to look after them when they are at home », Explains the young girl.

Nine neighborhoods concerned

The school closures affect nine New York neighborhoods, including some in Brooklyn and Queens, where authorities are recording an increase in coronavirus cases. Non-essential businesses and places of worship are also affected by these restrictions which will apply by Friday at the latest. Anticipating a possible new wave, some parents had opted for online school. ” I expected things to change. Keeping my kids home from the start seemed like the best option », Emphasizes this mother.

« It makes no sense ! And it’s very frustrating, annoys another. Contaminations should not increase ! We are supposed to have learned the lessons of spring. In an attempt to contain the spread of the virus and raise awareness among residents of the affected neighborhoods, messages are now being broadcast in the street calling for the wearing of masks and compliance with precautionary measures.

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