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Original title: CEO’s Survey Report: Bucks beat Warriors to win Doncic with high odds of winning MVP

Beijing time on October 5 news, the NBA official today released the general manager’s survey annual report. All GMs believe the Bucks will beat the Warriors to win the championship in the new season and Luka Doncic is more likely to win the regular season MVP.

Which team will win the championship this season? The Bucks top the list with 43 percent of the vote, followed by the Warriors with 25 percent, followed by the Clippers (21 percent) and the Celtics (11 percent).

Who will win the MVP of the new season’s regular season? Doncic tops the list with 48% of the votes, Antetokounmpo is in second place with 34% and Joel Embiid (14%) and Stephen Curry (3%) in third and fourth place.

In the selection of the best players in each position, Curry was elected best point guard in the league with 72% of the votes, the best shooting guard is Devin Booker (45%) and the best small forward is Kevin Durant (45%)), the best striker is Antetokounmpo (86%) and the best center is Nikola Jokic (79%).

Best coach, Eric Spoelstra finished first with 52% of the votes, Steve Kerr finished second with 22% of the votes, Gregg Popovich and Monty – Williams tied in third place with 7%.

The best prediction for rookies, Paul Banqueiro, the No. 1 of the Magic, is far ahead with 79% of the vote, Keegan Murray (17%) of the Kings is in second place and Jabari Smith (3%) of the Rockets is at No. .3.

In the selection of the strongest international players, Antetokounmpo ranked first with 57%, beating Doncic (28%) and Jokic (16%). In the selection of the best defender, Antetokounmpo ranked first with 48% of the votes, Draymond Green (24%) of the Warriors ranked second and Rudy Gobert (10%) ranked third.

In the selection of the players with the strongest ability without the ball, the Splash Brothers ranked TOP2, Curry received 81% of the votes and Klay Thompson 12%. As for the team with the strongest defense, the Greens got 69% of the votes, the Warriors 10% and the Heat and Bucks both 7%.

Who is the most versatile player on active duty? Antetokounmpo ranked first with 59% of the votes, LeBron James ranked second with 21% of the votes, and KD and Kawhi Leonard ranked third with 3%. (jim)Back to Sohu, see more


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