Centuries-old knight’s sword found during excavation in Nieuwegein | NOW

Excavations in Nieuwegein have found a medieval knight’s sword that is hundreds of years old. The sword was found in May, but the find was only announced this Friday by the municipality of Nieuwegein.

The sword is 118 centimeters long and was probably made between 1040 and 1260. The municipality speaks of a “spectacular archaeological find”.

The sword is engraved with the maker’s name, flanked by two crusader crosses: + GICELIN ME FECIT + (Gicelin made me). “This was probably a master blacksmith from the lower Rhine region who was active around the year 1100. More swords of his are known, but none of them are as well preserved as those of Nieuwegein,” the municipality said.

According to the municipality, the sword shows signs of use. “An imaginative detail. It was damaged in combat, as evidenced by a deep impact dent on the blade. Considerable force must have been used for this. Scratches on the side are also visible. mean it was inflicted just before the sword landed in the lake. “

The sword was found during an excavation at the Het Klooster business park. It is not the first time that centuries-old items have been found at that place. In 2019, archaeologists found an enormous amount of wooden poles and fishing net weights from the eighth century.


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