Centuries of Physics Mystery Related to Three Objects Finally Solved

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Professor Hagai Perets and Yonadav Barry Ginat. The three -object problem is one of the oldest mysteries in physics. It concerns the motion of three -object systems, such as the Sun, Earth, and Moon.

Nationalgeographic.co.id—The problem is three things is one of the mystery oldest in physics. This problem concerns the motions of systems of three bodies – such as the Sun, Earth, and Moon – and how their orbits change and evolve due to their mutual gravity.

When one large object approaches another, the relative motion of the two objects follows a trajectory determined by their mutual gravitational attraction. But when the two objects move together and change their position along their trajectory, the force between them, which depends on their mutual position, also changes. In the end this affects their trajectory and others.

For two objects (such as the Earth moving around the Sun without the influence of another object), the Earth’s orbit will continue to follow a very specific curve, which can be described with mathematical accuracy (ellipse).


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