Central – This is what Myriam Fares revealed about her participation in the 2022 World Cup

The Lebanese artist, Myriam Fares, revealed that she will participate in the 2022 World Cup, through her cooperation with “FIFA”, in preparation for a special artwork for the occasion.

In this context, Myriam Fares said: “I cannot say that the news of my cooperation with FIFA is not true, because we are currently preparing for more than one song, and one of them will then be selected for release during the World Cup.”

The Lebanese singer also touched on her concert, which she performed in the Lebanese area of ​​Dhour El Choueir, and the public’s entry to it was free, given the difficult economic conditions, and the artist donated her full wages to the “Kids First” association, which deals with children with cancer.

She said: “This year I loved to dedicate something special to children, because since I became a mother, things have completely changed for me, and I see the world from a different perspective.”

She added, “I have always dedicated such free concerts to the public in my country, Lebanon, before Corona, and when I felt that things were starting to return to normal, it was necessary for me to complete this matter, which I do annually for my country.”

And she continued, “I am very happy with the number of the audience who attended the ceremony in Dhour El-Shwer, and I am also happy with the echoes of the Eid al-Adha celebration that I celebrated in Beirut, although its attendance was not free as in Dhour Choueir.”

And she continued: “The Lebanese need to feel happy, and if the Lebanese state did not offer them the recreational activities that all Arab countries offer to their people, we should have done so as Lebanese artists. I personally and on my individual initiative present a party of this kind annually, and I give up my entire wage to donate it. Each time to a different direction.

And about her impressions of the success of the song “My People” through the Tik Tok application, which achieved 8.4 billion views around the world, she said: “Frankly, my people were a surprise to me this year, and this modest challenge that I launched through the Tik Tok application spread very quickly around the world. “.

And she continued, “Frankly, I did not expect all this success for the song that I released after about 4 years of discontinuing the performance of songs, due to the health crisis I went through.”

And about the success of her experience in the Iraqi color, through the song “This Sweet”, which achieved more than 100 million views on YouTube, after introducing the Amazigh culture in her previous song, “Malash”, she said: “I am in constant search for new civilizations, and for new dialects to present. In my songs, I really liked this mixture of Iraqi and Lebanese dialects that I presented in (This Sweet).”

And about the idea of ​​​​her drumming previously unfamiliar to female artists, she said: “This inspiration came to me automatically, and after I took this step, it met with impressive success, and in general there are ideas that we present that shine and spread more than others, and we always have to persevere.”

The Lebanese artist touched on her private life, especially during the summer vacation, explaining: “I like to spend the summer with my children, because they are still very young, and they need me.”

And she continued, “When I have parties, I quickly go to revive them, and then return to them quickly to spend with them as long as possible.”

Source: Sky News

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