Central Communication Port: 290,000 new jobs will be created

The Central Communication Port is to bring 290 thousand. new jobs. Public money and a foreign investor are needed to implement an investment.

The “Solidarity” Central Communication Port is to be a transport node that will integrate air, rail and road transport, and at the same time stimulate the development of innovation, tourism and industry.

– This is not an ordinary infrastructure project, it is a huge civilization project – emphasizes Sławomir Majman, Vice President of the Management Board of Targi Warszawskie. As shown by Kearney’s analyzes regarding the future functioning of the STH, its creation will create 290,000 jobs by 2040. new jobs and will ensure an increase in total production in Poland by up to PLN 90 billion annually.

According to Kearney analysts, in 2028 CPK “Solidarity” will provide the economy with 238,000 jobs. new jobs. In 2040, this number will increase to 290,000, of which 217,000. will be related to aviation, and 73 thousand – with the railway.

– The impact of the Central Communication Port on the Polish economy will be significant – says Sławomir Majman, Vice President of the Management Board of Targi Warszawskie SA, organizer of the conference “Aviation of the New Generation 2020”. – If this project is successful, it means GDP growth by 1% every year, which is a lot. I underline if this project succeeds. This is not an ordinary infrastructure project, it is a huge civilization project, scheduled for several decades.

The economic benefits of its launch are also expected for decades. The second part of the Kearney report, covering the impact on the economy from the operating phase (the first concerned the investment phase), indicates that in the first year of operation of the airport and some railway investments, the total production in Poland will increase by PLN 71 billion.

In turn, gross value added, i.e. additional corporate profits, employee salaries and depreciation of fixed assets, will increase by over PLN 50 billion in 2028. In the period 2028-2040, these values ​​will increase to PLN 986 billion (production value) and PLN 780 billion (gross added value), respectively.

– The Central Communication Port is the only chance for Poland to win the battle for transit. Transit is the most valuable part of the air business. We currently have no arguments to attract them to Polish airports. And it is possible – as evidenced by the example of the Helsinki airport, which over a decade has turned from a tiny provincial airport on the edge of Europe to one of the largest hubs between Europe and East Asia – Korea, Japan and China – says the Vice President of the Warsaw Fair Management Board.

The second important argument is the exhausting capacity of Chopin Airport. As Sławomir Majman emphasizes, in 10-12 years it will be insufficient to handle transit air traffic. And this despite the ongoing expansion of the capital’s airport. Kearney’s experts explain that the investments carried out under the STH program will generate benefits that significantly exceed the maximum potential of the current Chopin Airport.

– Increasing air traffic and tourism in Poland due to the fact that it is a decent, large airport can also increase the business of Polish regional airports. I think that with a well-thought-out airport in Baranów, a healthy coexistence, a healthy synergy between most regional airports is possible. The problem is with Okęcie and the airport in Łódź, says Sławomir Majman.

The main benefits of Kearney’s analysts include improvement of the country’s and region’s transport accessibility, development of tourism, increase in the mobility of inhabitants, stimulation of innovation and new technologies, and development of the cargo, industry and business segments.

– For this project to be implemented, money is needed. The European Union does not finance airport projects, only the railway part, i.e. spokes converging at the airport can count on EU support. First, then, public funds and a foreign investor are needed. Second, the right approach is needed to replace political ambitions and declarations with expertise. We are waiting for the CPK company to select the creator of the so-called a master plan, that is an idea of ​​where, what, how and for how much, with whom to build, how to equip, etc. It cannot be a project of one batch, arousing hostility from everyone around. It should be a Polish ecumenical project – notes the vice-president of the Management Board of Targi Warszawskie.

STH, as a member of a European consortium, received funding to develop green, pro-ecological and intelligent solutions for airport design. The grant amount is EUR 12 million, and Poland will receive approx. 500 thousand. euro. CPK’s partners include airports in Copenhagen, Rome and Vilnius. The funding comes from the Horizon 2020 Research and Development Framework Program in the category: “Building a low-carbon and climate-resilient future: Safe, clean and efficient energy”.

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