Central American Amchams ask the US to be included in the donation program of anticovid vaccines

The American Chambers of Commerce in Central America (Amchams) announced the sending of express requests to the United States government to consider including Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica in the donations of vaccines against the coronavirus that President Joe Biden notified it would reach several nations in the last days.

The US government has 20 million doses to donate.

“Based on the excellent relations and cooperation between the United States and the chambers of the Central American region, we have asked the United States government to consider our countries within the list of recipients of vaccine donations once it meets its goal of vaccinating. to the largest number of its adult population in the coming weeks, “the cameras said in a letter.

The Amchams expressed the advantages of speeding up vaccination in the region and offered their support to speed up this process.

The Chambers of Commerce indicated that among the benefits of accessing this lot is to achieve immunity and normalize the operations of the companies that operate in the region to promote economic growth, job creation and the well-being of Central American families.

“As representatives of the private sector in Central America we want to make our capacities available and thus be part of the solution to this humanitarian crisis through vaccination in the shortest possible time,” they indicated.

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The US president said that his country will share at least 20 million doses of vaccines against Covid-19 by the end of June, for a total of 80 million doses that will be sent abroad.

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Those 20 million additional doses will consist of Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, as well as AstraZeneca.

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